Disney infinity Action!

Genre: AR (Augmented Reality) Video Maker
Player: 1 player – video Sharing on FB
Platforms: iOS/Android
Developed by: Hibernum Créations (iOS) & Illogika Studio (Android)
Edited by: Walt Disney Interactive

Main position:

  • Associate Producer

Work done:

  • Organized the production and provided support in management.
  • Managed the Jack Skelington update (new character) for October 2013 Halloween
  • Supervised the Android version (Illogica studio) and organized solutions to solve technical issues in time


  • Make movies with Jack Skellington, Mr. Incredible, Sulley, and Captain Jack Sparrow!
  • Discover unique animations and use them in the Movie Maker to create your own movies!
  • Over 30 FREE animations to use in videos – flex muscles with Mr. Incredible, sword fight with Jack Sparrow, or scare a friend with Sulley!
  • Use props in your videos like the Tron disc or Buzz Lightyear’s Jet Pack!

Apple store: 3,5/5 stars
Googleplay: 4/5