Open Skill System

Genre: Gamified E-learning platform 2014
Platform: Web
Developed by: ESCEN business school

Main position:

  • Producer | Designer (Contract)

Work done:

  • Organized the production team (backlog and tasks) following a Scrum method.
  • Designed all screens of the web platform, User Interface and User Experience.
  • Created the design system for skills trees, badges systems, schools, teachers, students profiles according to the needs and gamification wanted.
  • Direct communication with the client, the team (programmers) and 3rd party studio for graphical integration.


OSS is a gamified e-learning platform with powerful features:

  • Administrate a school or a training with an Admin acount
  • Create Skills trees and Badges according to your training with a point & rewards system for students.
  • As teacher, put your course online for free or monetize them. Link them with the school you re working for.
  • Connect with other users, message them, or work in team within your training program or as independants.
  • Have different roles (Admin, Teacher, Students) simultaneously.
  • Chose your courses and path within your skill trees as student, and compare your points ranking with others.
  • OSS answers the needs of School/training administrators, teachers, and students.