Type: « One Week » project at Supinfogame
Genre: Role Playing Game (2D)
Players: 1
Platform: PC

Main positions:

  • Game Designer
  • Screenplay / dialogues
  • Level Design / Level Building

Team: Sylvain Billaud, Julien Jourdain, Alexis Moroz, Romain Mortreux.



Edo is a Role playing game, made on RPG Maker editor, with exploration, dialogues and battles.

The story takes place during the EDO era, in Japan.
At the beginning, the main character is made prisoner by the shogun, and is ready to be sent by boat to an unknown destination. But some rebels save him at the last moment.

Then, He will have the opportunity to meet allies and to fight for the rebellion against the tyranny.
During the adventure, he will learn different kinds of skills, like the Kiai to push back his opponents, or the possibility to disguise himself as a member of the shogun’s army, in order to fool the soldiers and to have different information.

About the production :

Work Done :

- Game design / Screenplay / Dialogues
- Level Design, Level Building in 2D

We were 4 working on that project during only one week. Edo was made during the intensive week at Supinfogame.
We did everything, and I personally did a large part of the level design in 2D. I was also really happy to work on dialogues, quests and screenplay.

The Rpg are one of my favourite genre so I really enjoyed to work on that one. People who played Edo liked it. It’s a short RPG but the game is of great quality, and the screenplay interesting to follow.