Genre: Arcade Racing Game in an open environment
Players: 1 player (16 players online)
Platform: PS3/Xbox360/PC
Developed by: AsoboStudio (France)
Edited by: Codemasters (UK)

Main position:

  • Game Designer
  • Design Team Manager


Fuel is an Arcade racing game which immerses players in a world ravaged by extreme climatic changes. More than 10.500 square miles of open environment in free ride, 70+ vehicles with different types (Buggies, Motorbikes, Muscle cars, Quads, Trucks) and categories (Road, Off Road, Mixed), 72 career races and 190 challenges. You also have the possibility to play online, to create and share your own races via an in-game editor.

About the production:

Fuel is the first PS3/Xbox360 game from Asobo Studio, edited by Codemasters. This game is not like other racing games (completely open environment with the largest playable area in the video game history), and it was really interesting to be involved in the development.

I worked on Fuel as Game designer, and I managed a design team during the production.

As Game Designer, I worked on:

  • Game design and design documents
  • Interfaces/Menus
  • Player progression/Map design
  • Different modes (Career, challenges, Races, etc.)
  • Gameplay & Intégration (Different vehicles and their behaviours according to their characteristics on different surfaces, Road/Off Road etc.)

The team I managed during the production worked on the gameplay. I directly participated to the game conception, from the pre-production to the release, with many interactions with graphic designers, programmers, and sound designers.

As Design Team Manager, I did:

  • Team Management
  • Planning and Management documentation
  • Task Creation and Assignment
  • Supervision and every week meetings
  • Interactions with Managers and Leads

I am very proud to have been part of the Asobostudio team during that period and on that game. The development was quite difficult and the game was designed to be a Massive Multiplayer Online game at the beginning. Finaly, we didn’t have a lot of resources to achieve all the things we wanted to do but we managed to constantly adapt ourselves during the production and we released it on time.
It was also really interesting to work in collaboration with Codemasters, editor and developer.

As a First next gen game for an independent studio, the development was really interesting and I learned a lot. Despite difficulties to develop such a game, we managed, with a very talented and passionate team, to do a good game with a lot of fun and great quality. Fuel was very well received by players and is famous in the hardcore gamers community.

Working in Asobostudio for their first next gen game was great and I would like to thank the team for its professionalism and its friendship.

Press Coverage:

Edge Magazine UK: 8/10
Official Xbox Magazine UK: 7/10
PC Gamer UK: 7/10
Playstation Official Magazine US: 4/5
www.jeuxvideo.com (France) : 15/20

Some Videos:

Fuel: Vehicles Trailer

Fuel: GamePlay

Fuel: Free Ride + vehicles


FUEL AsoboStudio
FUEL Codemasters