Splinter Cell 2 – Vertigo Cosmetix

Type: Project at Supinfogame
Genre: Multiplayer map for UbiSoft game Splinter Cell 2 Chaos theory
Players: Multiplayer (8 players)
Platform: PC (Unreal Editor)

Positions on the project:

  • Game designer
  • Level designer/Level Builder (Unreal Editor)

Team: Yohan Cazaux, Romain Bilard, Arnaud Meiyer, Romain Gobert, Sylvain Billaud.



Vertigo Cosmetix is a multiplayer map (Spies VS Mercenaries) created for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (Ubisoft), realized with Unreal Editor 2.

The verticality was the main objective of the concept. So we created a lot of gameplay elements to promote the verticality in this map. Spies and mercenaries should cross a building from the bottom to the top, using stairs, ramps, lifts and elevators, but also airducts, or the different kinds of pipes.
Moreover, the map is very open and players can see each other from the bottom to the top, so they have to check regularly up and down and not only around them.

About the production:

Work done:

  • Game design
  • Level design/Level building (Unreal Editor)

We worked hard during one week to propose a great new multiplayer map for Ubisoft Splinter Cell 2.
We learned how to manage with the Unreal Editor and I think we did a great job, balancing the map for the 2 types of gameplay, spies and mercenaries. Players enjoyed our map online and played it quite often under the name « Vertigo ».

I Worked on how using the verticality aspect to obtain the best gameplay and experience, with a reflexion about each level of the building. I also did a part of the level building, from the main brush to different action elements we implemented in the map.