As Player

Counter Strike:

- Member of the e-sport team *aAa* (Against All Authorities).
- Winner of France National Championship with aAa.

Warcraft 3 Dota:

- Member of the DDD team on Dota.
- Quarter finalist of the Esfrance championship of Dota.
- League 2 national Player of the French Dota league.

Age of empires 2 Age of kings (Aok) and Age of Conquerors (Aoc):

- Member and Manager of the FRA_ team, part of group.
- 2000+ pts rating on msn gaming zone system, in DM mode.
- Founder member of the S&D team on the MFO Rts website, 3 rd of the main AoK international league.

The 4th coming (T4c : MMORPG):

- Level Max (Lv. 194) on European servers of T4C (on Goa, server « Baazul »).
- Founder Member and manager of the « D Aruan Family » on T4C, one of the most popular team of the game, part of group.

World of Warcraft:

- Player and team selected by blizzard (With ArmaTeam, Previous CounterStrike pro team) for Alpha & Beta Tests in Europe.
- Creation and team management, DO (Dragon D’or) on French server Archimonde, part of group.


- Team management of the top 20 legion Last Pride, (abyssal points) on French server Suthran, part of group.


- 3rd place at the Sun casino Private room Tournament (Live Tournament, Monaco).
- Winner of the week tournament on Winamax.
- Regular player of the S&G challenge on Winamax.


- Regular player on the ladder
- 4k5 ranked player