“Sylvain is a very thorough, hard working and gritty game designer who will not back down from any challenge and will perform very well under the pressure of constraint. Fun and easy going … sylvain will fit very well in any development team and perform…”

Senior Game Designer


“Sylvain is fearless, hardworking and extremely determined. He can work on any project. He learns quickly and never lose sight of his goal.
He really cares about reaching objectives for the entire team”

Gameplay Programmer
(Now Programmer at Feerik, Online Games, France)


« Sylvain Billaud notably occupied the position of Game Designer in our studio on several projects and on our last production: the video game Fuel (PC/Xbox360/PS3).

During that period with us, Sylvain proved his methods and sense of organisation. He worked autonomously as well as in collaboration in a team environment. He quickly assumed his responsibilities and mastered constraints imposed by the project.
Very implicated, Sylvain works with ease in his team and doesn’t hesitate to share his ideas.
His perfectionism and his willingness to do a great job, already detected when he was recruited, have been confirmed on all projects he did with us.

Also to mention : A very good aptitude to unite his team and to create a positive teamspirit as well as a good group dynamic.

Ambitious and looking for news experiences, Sylvain Billaud has a very interesting profile of great potential. »

Creative director & Co Manager


“I had the chance to work with Sylvain Billaud in France, at Asobo Studio. His talent, his intelligence, and his aptitude to find the right solution make him a strong and essential asset within the team. He is a great designer, full of creativity, and he never gives up front of a challenge. Also to mention, his management skills and his capacity to support his team. Working with him was awesome and I hope to do it again in a near future !”

Jérémie Carvin
Game Designer/Level Designer
(Now Flash Animator/Designer for social gaming at TinyCo, San Francisco, CA)


“Sylvain is very reactive, flexible and he always finds a creative solution. He is really a cultured and open minded game designer / team manager. He also knows how to put people at ease and it’s always possible to discuss with him about everything during the production. An easy recommendation.”

Romain Bieri
Level Designer


« As Project Manager, Sylvain did great managing his team on the last year project. Dynamic and really involved, he has worked with professionnalism and has proved his aptitude to manage a team. The production of their project and difficulties have been well managed during all the year »

Educational Supervisor
Supinfogame School
(Now Creative Director at CCCP, France)


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