Genre: Puzzle game
Player: 1 player / FB friends
Platforms: iOS/Android
Developed by: Hibernum Créations
Edited by: Cartoon Network

Main position:

  • Producer

Work done:

  • Organized the production (Budget, resources, backlogs and tasks) following a Scrum method.
  • Managed the entire team from the Concept to the production.
  • Provided experience in Design and methodology: Design system and modes, world maps, bosses stages, screenplay, gameplay features and graphic design orientation to answer the needs of the client.
  • In direct contact with Cartoon Network Producers team.
  • Deliverables in time for each Milestone of the project with high standard quality.


You’ve never seen puzzles like this. Help Booster and his friends clear board after board of Globlin-infested brains. Add drops to grow creatures until they explode. Pop the Globlins to create killer combos and clear each level! Can you solve each puzzle without running out of drops?

Appstore: 3,5 stars/5